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Alice was fucking me for more than ten minutes, testing all sorts of subtleties on me, I had already stopped feeling how she was changing the speed and tempo and depth of penetration. Soon, my rear hole, under the responsive pressure of Mistress, was completely relaxed and ready to take all sorts of objects. It felt hot and a little painful inside, after so abundant and frequent strapon penetration. Once again, Alice achieved her goal, and left to fuck me, only after she saw that the ass was able to take exactly as much as she wanted…

I could barely catch my breath as it stopped as suddenly as it had begun. For a while, I heard some fumbling on my Mistress’ side. I was still tied up and could see nothing, but for a moment I felt a movement, and then suddenly, it was as if a girl had jumped on me.

She took off her strap-on, and just piled her crotch on the slave’s face, blocking all the light from him. Pressing the slave’s face down, Mistress comfortably yanked, choosing her position…

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